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Jul 17 2010

How The Digital Camera And Computer Communicate

Perhaps you’re a photographer and have been messing around and washing films in dark rooms for a very long time. You turn the photos into prints which your friends have been asking for, however all your hard work seems to be of no use now because cameras and photos have gone through a revolutionary change. After the digital cameras have come in nobody wants to buy the old fashioned cameras which require printing, as that is a very irritating task to do.

Digital cameras are just so much fun and snazzy to use. You can instantly see the photos you click and they can be saved with whatever name you want, they can also be edited, cropped or adjusted in any way you like. It’s made life so much easier and hassle free. The photos are easier to be uploaded on the internet and social websites. However the question is that how do the photos go into the computer from the camera? That was a question which was asked when the digital camera was launched.

Well, here’s the answer, although the pictures are easy to take without any efforts, the actual efforts need to be put while transferring the photos, and that is through cables which connect the camera and the computer. The cables comes along with the camera, however if it’s not given then you can buy the cables yourself as it just costs about five dollars or sometimes lesser than that.

The cable of the digital camera creates a channel for communication between the computer and the camera. The pictures in a digital camera are saved in the digital form, rather than saving on a film. The camera needs a memory card to save pictures, so to keep the memory you must keep transferring pictures to your computer.

When you store the photos from the camera to the PC then you can see them in the normal size, better than the tiny photos on the camera’s screen. You can print them from the computer as well, which is better than going to the photo studio for washing films. You have features like running slide shows or making wonderful albums of different memories. All this can happen only with cables of digital cameras.

The camera is also provided with a CD which includes the software of photo transferring. Just slide it inside the D drive of your computer and insert the camera cable into the provided USB port of the computer. The best thing about camera cables  is that you can charge your camera while the photos get transferred. The uploading usually takes some time, however if there are more photos then it might take a longer time, make sure you don’t interrupt the process by removing the cable, this may cause failure of transfer. It’s difficult for people to keep carrying digital camera cables everywhere. There are many more alternatives to transfer pictures, which do not require cables. However some people like to stick to traditional things. So go ahead and make good use of the camera cables.

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